Our strategy

The organic sector within the Danish Agriculture and Food Council is ready with a new three-year strategy defining how to advance organic production. A series of specific strategic objectives are setting the course for Denmark to become world leaders in development of sustainable, organic production and sale.

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Organic production in Denmark

An increasing number of organic products are sold in Denmark. Proportionally, the organic market in Denmark is the biggest in the world, with organic food making up roughly 13 percent of the total retail food market in 2020. The Danes prefer organic dairy products, eggs, oatmeal, wheat flour, carrots and bananas. One in three litres of milk bought by Danish consumers is organic and every other litre of milk consumed by pupils in Danish schools carries the red organic label. The production of organic eggs accounts for 30 percent of total egg production. Also consumers’ appetite for organic fruit and vegetables has grown.

The Danish Organic Label

Import and export

Consumer demand for a broad range of organic products has resulted in Danish imports of organic products exceeding exports. Organic exports consist of dairy products, pig meat, fruit and vegetables. Germany is by far the largest export market, followed by Sweden, China, the Netherlands and France. Danish imports consist of organic fruit and vegetables, grain and animal feed from other EU countries, in particular Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Together with Organic Denmark and Food Nation, we have gathered a range of materials that address organic food companies and organisations that wish to brand Danish Organics on our export markets. The material illustrates how Denmark’s ambitious organic policies have resulted in Denmark being the country in the world, where organic food has the largest market share. The material thereby underlines the organic sector’s positions of strength. 

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Further reading and materials for the promotion of the Danish Model


The magazine, The Organic Way – The Danish Model, illustrates how Denmark’s ambitious organic policies have resulted in Denmark being the country in the world where organic food has the largest market share. The magazine tells the story behind the success of the organic sector and it also takes you through the many positions of strength that characterize the organic sector in Denmark from farm to fork.

You can use the magazine as a reference for topics of interest or read it page by page and gain an insight into The Organic Way – The Danish Model. The Magazine is available in English, German, French, Japanese and Chinese.

Please contact Hanne Børsch if you would like to get a physical copy of the magazine. The magazine is free of charge, but contingent freight costs will be charged.

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Powerpoint presentation

Here you find a great collection of slides, which you are free to use in your own presentations about Danish Organics.

The slides contain information about the organic sector’s positions of strengths as well as graphs that supports the position of organics in the entire value chain.

Please feel free to use the slides that are useful and relevant for your own presentation.

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