DAFC: ENVI committee improves "very positive" EU Climate Law proposal

Higher common EU ambitions further a more level-playing field for Danish farmers and cooperatives on the EU internal market.

  • Animal Welfare

    The achievement of high welfare standards is paramount throughout the whole production chain, on the farm, during transport and finally at the abattoir.

  • Danish Dairy Industry

    Exports of dairy products account for more than 20 percent of all Danish agricultural exports.

  • Danish Pig Meat Industry

    Denmark is among the world’s largest pig meat exporters.

  • Danish Seed Sector

    Denmark is a leading producer of grass, clover and horticultural seeds.

The Environment

Food production interacts with the environment but much can be done to ensure that this is as positive an interaction as possible, thus minimising its impact.

Food Safety

High standards of safety in the production of Danish food.

New Nordic Cuisine - a global gastronomic trend

Quality, purity and ethics are key elements in the New Nordic Cuisine.

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