Fishmeal and fish oil constitute an important strategic feed ingredient for the aquaculture and agriculture. With their functional properties, high quality, and traceability these ingredients enhance the circular economy both on a Danish and a European level.
Denmark became the big winner at this year's EMBLA award ceremony, which pays tribute to the Nordic food culture. Our Danish candidates snatched three out of seven awards
A business delegation with The Danish Agriculture & Food Council can be a steppingstone to promote export of Danish ingredients to global markets. Annually, The Danish Agriculture & Food Council arranges business delegations and activities to foreign markets to promote export and enlarge Danish solutions within agriculture, food production and technology. We have interviewed two ingredient companies, who have participated in a business delegation with a beneficial outcome. Read below and learn what you as a company can achieve by participating in a delegation.
KMC is a world leading producer of potato-based ingredients used for foods and other applications. From their headquarters in Brande in Central Jutland, they produce potato starch to food products, which include cheese, pastry, meat alternatives, pasta, and confectionery.
In the production facility in Nordhavn the innovative food company REDUCED produces food products and flavor enhancers using excess food from the food industry. The founders of the company, a chef and a jurist have a clear mission; they want to create intense flavor ingredients and reduce food waste simultaneously.