Members of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents the agricultural and food industry in Denmark and is the result of a merger between the Danish Agricultural Council, Danish Bacon and Meat Council, Danish Pig Production and Danish Agriculture.

The organisation also undertakes a range of key tasks for the Danish Dairy Board. Agriculture and food are Denmark’s largest industry and innovation grouping employing some 189,000 people and exporting agricultural products and equipment to a value of around €20 billion.


Members of the local/regional associations are the foundation of the ‘primary side’ in Agriculture & Food. The personal membership goes through the associations. The associations are responsible of contact with municipalities and other organizations, various activities and professional advice.
More than 160 companies within a variety of sectors are members of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council
A very large part of the food cluster's industry communities and industry associations are members of Agriculture & Food. The industries receive professional services and political interest representation to varying degrees depending on interests and needs.