Sustainable Intensive Production - Growth in balance

The global challenges facing the world are interrelated: the economic and financial crisis, environmental impacts, the pressure on resources and the transition towards a fossil-free and biobased economy.


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When facing them, new business opportunities emerge. Under the right conditions there is a large potential for sustainable growth in the agriculture and food production cluster.

There is an increased political focus on resource use and recycling of nutrients and materials in biological and technical circles. Tomorrow’s winners will be those who can produce more with less, keeping in mind the circular approach to production.

The Danish agriculture and food production cluster is undertaking this transformation. We have demonstrated that increased food production is possible whilst at the same time significantly reducing the impact on the environment and the climate. The key to such success is sustainable intensive production, and we are determined to further develop this concept: producing more with less and with a lower environmental impact and developing new agro-industrial and bio-based production streams.

Being at the forefront of resource efficiency, the potential is huge: new markets in the East demand agricultural and food products, and if we can maintain our current market shares, export from Denmark alone may potentially reach about 20 billion euros.

By a continued development of sustainable intensive food production we can create jobs and economic growth, enrich nature and provide answers to some of the major global challenges that we all face. The transition requires new ways of thinking, political will and strategic investments.