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About DFO
DFO has been an industry association for Danish flavour and extract manufacturers, importers, and associated members since the 1940s. The aim of the organisation is to handle common interests of the members in relation to production including the purchase and sale of flavourings to food products. We represent the industry and issue statements on behalf of the food and agroindustry to domestic and international authorities. 

DFO is a member of the European Flavour Organisation, EFFA, who consists of national flavour organisations from across Europe. EFFA works for flavour houses and National Flavour Associations by monitoring flavour-related EU legislation and promote networks and alliances with other European Associations. In addition, EFFA is a member of the International Organization of the Flavor Industry, IOFI. DFO is also represented in this organisation via our membership in EFFA. 
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What are flavours?
Flavour and aroma compounds are chemical compounds in food, which we can taste and smell. Examples of this are extracts, distillates or ethereal oils. Read more about flavourings in this brochure. If you want to know more about the application of aromatic compounds in our food products, then click here

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Contact Person: Ole Vangsted Ellefsen, Tlf: +45 3339 4242 / +45 6120 9057, e-mail: ovel@lf.dk