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Ingredients & Biotech

Danish Agriculture & Food Council supports and develops the strong global position of the Danish ingredients and biotech sectors.

Danish Agriculture & Food Council supports the development of the ingredients and biotech sectors. Our profound knowledge and consultancy services are at the disposal of your company. We work at ensuring the best possible framework for the sectors and give companies the possibility of finding inspiration and sharing experience with other companies as well as public and private institutions with an interest in biotechnology and ingredients.

Our customers are companies and associations representing the entire value chain – biotech companies, producers of raw materials intended for ingredients, ingredients producers and companies using biotechnology and ingredients for e.g. feed, food and beverages.

Our employees are specialists within the agriculture and food business and offer services covering Denmark and the global market. At the same time we offer competences built on a combination of political and technical knowledge about the entire value chain.

Contact Manager, Ingredients & Biotech Sectors Tilda Huttunen by e-mail or on phone +45 33 39 43 19 for further information.

Biotechnology and Ingredients in Denmark
Danish biotechnology and ingredients companies deliver products and solutions which contribute to solving global challenges such as the population growth, pressure on resources, climate impact and lifestyle diseases.

Danish biotechnology and ingredients companies focus intently on export markets. In 2013, companies within the feed and food sectors exported DKK 27 billion worth out of an annual turnover of DKK36 billion. This figure corresponds to approx. 5 % of the total Danish exports of goods and results in the sector having a 10 % market share worldwide.

This global view provides great business opportunities, but to an increasing extent also requires companies to operate on a larger and more complex market. Networks between new partnerships and new competitors will in future replace simple business models. Furthermore, companies will be challenged on their access to raw materials, new knowledge concerning customers’ needs and development of competences.

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