Photo: DAFC

DAFC: ENVI committee improves "very positive" EU Climate Law proposal

Higher common EU ambitions further a more level-playing field for Danish farmers and cooperatives on the EU internal market.

The European Parliament Envirronment Committee (ENVI) has voted to improve the Commission’s EU Climate Law proposal. New references to ‘food security’ and ‘certification of carbon removals’ add valuable elements to the Climate Law, which the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC) is very supportive of. 

»We are happy that the Parliament showed ambition today, and that it’s leading Envirronment Committee has been attentive to the good input it got from colleagues in the Agriculture Committee, where the rapporteur Asger Christensen (Renew Europe – Denmark) secured a broad coalition behind his Climate Law opinion, consisting of the Conservatives (EPP), Social Democrats (S&D) and Greens.

The Agriculture Committee emphasised the need to refer to food security in the Climate Law and initiate a debate on possible future carbon crediting schemes for greenhouse gas removals. 

Today the Envirronment committee chose to internalize their suggestions for which they deserve credit », says the DAFC Climate Director Niels Peter Nørring. Nørring in particular notices that food security is added to the key article on climate adaptation in the Climate Law, and that there is a strong call to urge the Commission to develop a reguatory framework for certified carbon removals in the EU. He also applauds the continued reference in the Climate Law to article 21b in the Paris Agreement, which underlines that Climate Action is to be undertaken in a manner that does not threaten food production.