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Climate-neutral 2050

By 2050, we will be 10 billion human beings on earth. 10 billion mouths to feed. The demand for food will increase sharply. The Danish food industry is part of the solution. We will provide Danish solutions to global challenges.

Our vision

The Danish food industry is launching a vision to be climate neutral by 2050, while sustaining or even increasing food production. In a partnership with Denmark and in agreement with the UN’s sustainable development goals, Denmark must lead the way, when there is a need for more food and a reduction in carbon footprint.

Neutralité climatique en 2050

D’ici 2050, nous serons 10 milliards d’êtres humains sur terre. 10 milliards de bouches à nourrir. La demande en denrées alimentaires va fortement augmenter. L’industrie alimentaire danoise fait partie de la solution. Nous voulons fournir des solutions danoises pour surmonter les défis mondiaux.