Embla food award

Denmark became the big winner at this year's EMBLA award ceremony, which pays tribute to the Nordic food culture. Our Danish candidates snatched three out of seven awards

Embla is a common Nordic food price, to strengthen the common Nordic food identity, culture and increase interest in Nordic food outside the Nordic region

Who is the best raw material producer in the Nordic region? Who is the best Nordic food entrepreneur? And who has the best concept that contributes to developing children and young people's knowledge and skills in relation to sustainability and Nordic food and food culture? This is what the 370 nominated candidates from seven participating Nordic countries are competing for.

Congratulations to Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin, JunkFood and Det Grønne Museum.

Frederiksdal Cherry Wine won the award in the category Nordic raw material producer for its unique and coveted cherry wine, which is produced exclusively according to the same principles as have been used in centuries of production of the well-known grape wine.

This year's Nordic food communicator was the Green Museum in Djursland. The museum communicates the Nordic food history through live stories and interactive activities and manages to reach out to both children and adults in an innovative way.

The third Danish winner was JunkFood, which with its voluntary initiative won in the category Nordic food for many. Through, among other things, surplus goods, JunkFood provides a hot and nutritious meal every day for several hundred of Copenhagen's homeless citizens.