Business reception in Tokyo 2017. Photo: The Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Do you want to expand your export to global markets?

A business delegation with The Danish Agriculture & Food Council can be a steppingstone to promote export of Danish ingredients to global markets. Annually, The Danish Agriculture & Food Council arranges business delegations and activities to foreign markets to promote export and enlarge Danish solutions within agriculture, food production and technology. We have interviewed two ingredient companies, who have participated in a business delegation with a beneficial outcome. Read below and learn what you as a company can achieve by participating in a delegation.

Good market potential for Danish ingredients 
Danish food products are much coveted on the global market characterized by their high quality, food safety, animal welfare, and sustainability. Danish solutions within agriculture, food production, and technology are therefore qualified for distribution on a global scale. Due to the international attention towards sustainable food manufacturing procedures, innovative and functional ingredients are in the limelight. Here Danish ingredient companies can deliver solutions, which can be useful for the global food sector. On a business delegation to relevant market your company explore potential business opportunities in meetings with local authorities, potential customers, and partners. An export promotion visit includes tailored business to business meetings, and company visits. Additionally, you gain insights about cultural currents, prevailing regulations including current market trends.

Export promotion visits are important initiatives, influencing the export of Danish ingredients. The visits limits/prevents trade barriers, which additionally ensure optimal export conditions for the Danish Food Cluster. 
“We are in a continuous dialogue with the Danish embassies about the current conditions on the individual markets. The decision about arranging a Danish business delegation is partly based on inputs from the embassy, demands from the member companies, and market research about its potential on selected markets. In addition, we manage to create synergies based on already existing collaboration potentials. This happens for instance on markets with SSC projects (The strategic sector cooperation project with sector specialists from The Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries). Here it is obvious to use the knowledge and the contacts that are achieved through these projects in order to sell in Danish solutions on these markets.” tells Kenneth Lindharth Madsen, Head of Trade & Market at The Danish Agricultural & Food Council. 

A large planning process precedes a business delegation and here the member companies can contribute with suggestions on which markets to visit. 
“Typically, it takes about 8-12 months before we decide to arrange a business delegation and have it planned in detail. This is based on the deadline for when to be entitled to a grant by the Trade Council, but also due to the large planning and logistic conditions with participation of relevant contacts. Our member companies are invited to contribute with suggestions early in the process so the export promotion visit can be planned in time.” adds Kenneth Lindharth Madsen.  

Relations create synergies 

The ingredient company KMC has several times participated in business delegations to different international markets arranged by The Danish Agriculture & Food Council. Depending on market maturity, the aim has been to cement and establish relations, or to contact potential customers and gain market entry. “Research and gaining understanding of the market is important initial maneuvers prior to an export promotion visit.” tells Jens Helmer Larsen, Regional Director, KMC. This preliminary work is important when he participates in the business delegation to Vietnam in August. On the agenda is an improvement of already existing contacts and a networking with new local partners and customers to maximize their business possibilities in Vietnam. 

The ability to tap into current market trends is a good instrument, for a company who wants to position itself on the global market. Jens Helmer Larsen estimates that currently, circular business models, innovative solutions, and sustainability are important global market trends. “For instance, the fact that we can deliver vegetable ingredient solutions is an advantage on selected markets. On the upcoming business delegation to Vietnam, we are going to present full concepts consisting of physical samples that can be ‘experienced’ together with recipes and process parameters. This is done to gain more attention towards our products.” tells Jens Helmer Larsen. 
This is the purpose when KMC participates in the export promotion visit to Vietnam in August. At this delegation sparring, meeting with local business partners, and potential customers are important activities to promote the participating companies’ business possibilities in the country. 
“The fact that potential partners from both private companies and authorities are participating in a business delegation can have a huge impact on your network and your export possibilities. KMC took part in the business delegation to South Korea in 2019, where the crown prince couple participated to mark the Danish positions of strength. Here we signed cooperation agreements that caused great publicity in South Korea in which culture, relations, and status are important factors influencing your market position. With certainty, this has contributed to the growth we see in this market. At that time, South Korea had accomplished a bilateral trade agreement with EU. The scenario is the same with Vietnam, which has a great potential as an important market for KMC.” tells Jens Helmer Larsen. 
Today KMC aims to have a strong interaction with their costumers when they deliver food ingredients and know-how to export markets. In order to accomplish this, the company must have an understanding of the individual markets and consumers. 

Business reception i Tokyo 2017

A closer cooperation with local authorities
The feed company Vilofoss, who produces vitamins and minerals compounds and premixes for animal production, has also participated in a business delegation arranged by The Danish Agriculture & Food Council. They participated in the export promotion visit to Ukraine in 2021 where agriculture, animal production, and feed solutions were on the agenda. 
“Improving your contact with local authorities is an important priority, when Vilofoss participates in business delegations arranged by The Danish Agriculture & Food Council. This was one of the achievements we gained when participating in the export promotion visit to Ukraine in 2021.” tells Karsten Toft Rasmussen, International Manager, Vilofoss. 
Networking and customer service were on the agenda during the export promotion visit with represents from the local authorities, the ambassador, stake holders, and represents from the local sales offices. “It is of great value to us to meet local authorities under both formal and informal events. The social conditions are also important for networking with the other participating companies.” adds Karsten Toft Rasmussen. Dinners and social gatherings can be a tool to improve relations, create contact with local partners, and potential customers. Exchanging experiences, and sharing knowledge is also beneficial for the participating companies. 

Animal Farming delegation til Ukraine 2021

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council is available with supervision to help your company enter global export markets. We prepare market research, help with certification, network meetings, contact to local partners, and much more. The Danish foreign service contributes with local assistance, and assists with knowledge about the local markets, problem-solving, and contact to local partners. In total, 8 Minister Counsellors are allocated on important international markets, with the purpose of promoting the Danish business sector on foreign markets within environment, food, and agriculture. 

If you want to read more about business delegations arranged by The Danish Agriculture & Food Council or other export promoting activities, then click here. If you have questions about a specific event or want to visit a potential export market, then you can contact Head of Trade & Market, Kenneth Lindhart Madsen, The Danish Agriculture & Food Council on e-mail: 


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