Our vision: Danish food production climate neutral in 2050

The Danish food industry is launching a vision to be climate neutral by 2050, while sustaining or even increasing food production.


The Danish food industry sets vision of net zero emissions by 2050. This means we cannot emit more greenhouse gases, than we absorb. In a close partnership with the rest of Denmark and in agreement with the UN’s sustainable development goals, we will show the world, an economic and sustainable way to a climate neutral food production.

This is the vision adopted by the board of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, representing Danish farmers and food production corporations.

In 2050, there will be approximately 10 billion people worldwide, and the demand for both animal and vegetable food products will heavily increase. 

According to the CEO, neither the climate nor the Danes will gain from decreasing Danish food production and handing over the increasing food demand to countries that are less climate efficient.

Therefore, we are taking a historical step, that will secure Danish solutions to global challenges: Our industry must be climate neutral by 2050. All the way from production to consumption.

See more in the video above.