Our office in Brussels

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council’s office in Brussels manages the dialogue with our european partners. We take care of policy interests and make agriculture and food’s contribution to society visible. We secure our industry’s strong position in Denmark, Europe and globally.

Contact in Brussels

Danish Agricultural Council, s.a.
Rue du Luxembourg 47-51, B2,

B-1050 Brussels, Belgien 

tel.    +32 223 80 863
mob. +32 4767 82 298 

We create the framework for growth in balance. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council connects our industry with the rest of the world - and the future.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council is the trade association of Danish Agriculture as well as the food and agro-industry of Denmark. Our members work to create sustainable growth. We work to provide them with the best possible framework to achieved this. We face common European challenges in terms of creating growth and strenghten competitiveness while at the same time focusing on sustainability, climate and health. Our industry can contribute to solving these significant challenges. 

Our mission
We work to set the agenda. We want to secure a strong position for all of our members, in Denmark as well as in the global market.

Download our folder on the DAFC in Brussels 

Annette Toft

Press Contact