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Cookie Policy

General information
Cookies are small data files that are stored your IT equipment in order to gather information about your use of the website and to recognize your device the next time you visit the website. A cookie is not a program and does not contain virus.

Cookie listing
Session cookies:

  • Login
  • Mobile (used when changing from mobile to desktop)

Persistent cookies (3rd party) – expires within a set time interval

  • Google Analytics (Statistics)
  • Add-this (Facebook, Twitter ect.)

Do cookies contain personal data?
We do not collect personal data with our cookies

The purpose of data storage?
Cookies is used to gather statistical information and to optimize the user experience

Can cookies be deleted?
You can easily delete cookies under “internet settings” in your browser

Can cookies be deselected?
Cookies can be deselected by switching off the cookie function in the browser. If cookies are deselected, multiple functions on the website will not be work properly.